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Advance Excel & VBA Macros

Excel Era offers professional excel macro training in Gurgaon. By the end of VBA course Learners will be able to Understand Excel VBA’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations. They will be able to Plan, write, debug and extend structured VBA code. Our Excel macro training includes lab assignment and projects for better understanding.

Why you should join Excel VBA and Macros Training

• Advanced Excel VBA Programming helps you to develop user friendly applications. Access modifiers helps you deal with scope of the variables.
• Passing Arguments helps to call the same sub routine or function more than once in your project.
• The Understanding Collections concept helps quickly access all items with the same characteristics or from the same collection.
• Arrays helps to deal with large amount of data and store different types of data in one variable.
• Learning Forms and Controls helps you to build the User Interactive Windows or Forms.
• Event-driven programming helps you track each and every action of the workbook and you can perform an action any particular time.
• Understanding Objects, Methods and Properties helps you to write code efficiently.
• You will also learn different ways of securing your Excel Project, getting the data from various sources using ADO and SQL and how to interact with other applications.

Introduction of VBA

• What is VBA
• Advantage of VBA
• The First Excel Macro
• Recording and executing macros
• Using the VBA Editor

Variables and Data Types in VBA

• Declaring Variables
• Variable Names
• Scope of Variables
• Putting Values in Variables
• Creating Constants
• Data Types
• Storage and Data Sizes

VBA Operators and Expressions

• Simple Arithmetic Operators
• Relational or Comparison Operators
• Concatenate Operators
• Logical Operators
• Order of Operations
• Mathematical Expressions

Conditional branching

• If…Then…Else
• Select…Case


• While….wend
• For…Next
• Do…While
• Do… Until
• For Each…Next
• EXIT Statement


• What an Array Is
• Creating Arrays
• Resizing Arrays
• Two-Dimensional Arrays

Functions and Procedures

• Creating a Subroutine
• Understanding Parameters
• Parameter Passing
• Function vs Procedure
• Return Statement
• Arrays as Parameters
• Using Functions in Formulas
• Mathematical Functions
• Conversion Functions
• String Functions
• Working with Dates

Event-driven programming in VBA

• The role of events in Windows
• Responding to events through event procedures

Excel Object Model

• Properties
• Methods
• Events
• Collections
• With…End With
• Worksheets
• Workbooks
• Ranges (Cells)
• Charts

Creating User Form

• Command buttons
• List and Combo boxes
• Labels
• Option buttons
• Check boxes
• Text boxes
• Frames

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